Personalization and Choice in New York City

Personalized Office Break Rooms in New York City

The results are in—the top trends at the 2017 NAMA OneShow are all about personalization and choice. Roni Moore, National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) Vice President, explained that “Today, consumers are looking for choice and convenience in fresh and functional foods as well as beverages.” Meeting those demands can be challenging, but there are three […]

Benefits for New York City Coffee Drinkers

Coffee Service in New York City

Coffee seems to be transforming its reputation. It’s no longer seen as the harmful beverage it once was. Just this year, the International Journal of Cancer published the results of a study examining “the effect of Italian-style coffee consumption on prostate cancer risk” in almost 7,000 men in the Molise region of Italy (Pounis, et […]