Coca-Cola is Testing Vending Machines to Change Prices Based on the Weather

Chris Moran of Consumerist reports on Coca-Cola testing vending machines that change soda prices based on the weather. But counter to what one might immediately think, the prices were programmed to go down as outdoor temperatures rose. Read the entire article and let us know your thoughts on this new concept. “When it’s hot as […]

Vending Machines Desgined to Dispense Chocolate Bars When Strangers Hold Hands

Kyana Gordon of PSFK blogs about a vending machines designed to dispense chocolate bars when strangers hold hands. The “Dare to Be Tender” campaign from Milka, a Swiss chocolate company, is doing this to raise awareness and spread a little tenderness throughout communities. Read the article and provide your two-cents on this unique promotion. “We’ve […]

Free Vend programs in New York City are more than just convenient, they’re healthier.

When looking at reasons why diets fail, one factor that always comes up…and will continue to be a challenge…is that “bad” eating is simply easier to do. Or, to look at it conversely, it’s hard work to eat healthy. In today’s fast-paced society, time to grab lunch or prepare dinners is getting shorter and shorter…and, […]