A New York City Vending Service is YOUR Personal Shopper

If you are currently purchasing snacks/beverages for your New York City office at a grocery or wholesale store, STOP. You have the right idea but the wrong practice. You think buying in bulk and having it delivered will save you time and money, which it can, but there is still a better way.

The worlds of fashion and vending don’t typically, if ever, collide; however, in this particular case a lot can be gleaned from a particular sector of the fashion industry, that of personal shoppers. According to Washingtonian.com personal shoppers typically range from $100-$250 an hour. Most shoppers start with a consultation over the phone or in person to get a sense of their client’s taste, budget and needs. “Independent stylists often combine this get-to-know you session with a closet clean-out at your home.”

When you buy your snacks from wholesale stores you are left to do all the work (but the delivery) on your own. Which means you:

  • purchase coolers and shelving racks
  • choose (from 100s of items) what you think your employees will enjoy
  • unpack all the product that is dropped at your front office

If you contact your New York City vendor they will do all the above for you, in a sense, they will be your personal shopper without the hourly fee. When you contact your vendor here is what should happen:

  1. A meeting will be set up to survey what you currently offer and discuss what is and is not working (essentially they’ll clean out your closet).
  2. During this meeting you’ll also discuss what you want out of your particular program. Do you want meal options, an emphasis on healthy items, to stay within a strict budget, etc?
  3. After your New York City vending company has a good idea of what you want/need they can filter thru the 100s of products and create a custom list for you.
  4. You can place an order based on this list or set up a regular delivery without ordering (one less thing to remember each week/month).
  5. When your New York vending service arrives with the product they won’t just drop and go. They’ll refill your coolers and shelves and neatly store excess items in storage. Freeing you and your employees up to focus on what’s important…your business.

You may think this is too good to be true, maybe all the above sounds nice but it’ll cost too much money.

In most cases, product is not much higher in cost then what you would buy from the wholesale store (in some cases it’s even on par or below).  And then when the price of coolers/shelves (placed at no charge by a vending company) and the time of staff spent ordering and restocking are factored into the equation, you may find that the benefits of putting your pantry service in the hands of your New York City vendor far outweigh the costs.

So stop. Stop doing all the work when someone else will do it for you. Stop being charged to have product dropped off instead of put away. You’ll gain time and energy and be able to start doing the things that matter most to you and your company.

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