A Plan in New York City is a Good Thing

For many years the word “planogram” has had negative connotations in the vending world, companies not wanting to be put in the same 38” x photo 272” x 35” box (aka a vending machine) worried that set planograms would take away their individuality.

But recent reports from 365 Retail Markets (a company that breaks the standard mold of vending with their micro markets) suggest that planograms when done correctly cannot only increase sales but can cater to each individual customer’s unique needs as well.

Micro Markets or Free Vend accounts (where the company, rather than your employees, pays for the drinks, snacks, and anything else) operates like mini convenience stores in break rooms, taking the place of traditional vending machines. According to 365 Retail Markets vendors should create planograms for these markets that include:

·         Physical layout of the location

·         A starting baseline assortment of products to be carried

·         A diagram of where these products will be placed

vendor[1]After creating a planogram and placing a market, a New York City vending operator then needs to analyze each individual market’s sales, gauging what is and what isn’t selling and adjusting the plan each month that the market is on location. The idea is that by listening to their customers and making continual revisions based on each unique location, New York City vendors can increase their sales while increasing their customers’ employee satisfaction.

In the same way through DEXing (Digital Exchange that was originally created for the grocery industry) New York City vending operators can set planograms for vending machines, monitoring exactly what is selling in each machine, using the data collected to swap out slow moving product for potentially more popular options.

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