Bring Micro Markets to Your New York Break Room

What do you get in New York City when you cross your grocery store’s self-checkout counter with your local convenience store?

A Micro Market.

Micro Markets are the latest and greatest from the vending industry, bringing the convenience store to your break room along with more options, healthier selections, bigger bulk items and overall happier employees.

This system offers reach in coolers, freezers, mounted wall racks, cereal carousels and fresh fruit baskets is all run by a self-checkout kiosk specifically designed for the workplace.  On their break your employees can use the market, holding items before purchase* and once ready can simply scan each item’s designated UPC symbol at the kiosk.

*By eliminating the vending machine from the equation there is no longer anything separating you from the desired product, which means no more frustrated employees due to stuck product or outdated sales. Furthermore by being able to hold the product before purchase your employees can read all nutritional facts so that they are better able to choose a snack/meal that fits their lifestyle.

All payments are made via credit card or a designated Micro Market card (looks similar to a grocery store’s key chain version of a rewards card). The machine accepts cash but only as a way to upload money onto the Market card. The Market card then acts as a running balance with each purchase you make.

Because you are no longer dealing with a machine that issues change you eliminate the possibility of lost money.  All Market cards are registered (at no charge) to each of your employees on launch day. The data is stored on the kiosk’s online data base which can be accessed by your New York vendor at all times. This ensures that if a card is ever lost a new card can be issued with the full balance of the lost card to the proper owner.

Micro Markets use modern, efficient coolers, which save your electric bill and help your company further its Going Green initiatives.

Coolers and racks allow you to provide more options in smaller spaces than typical vending. With hundreds of options you eliminate the need for employees to leave your facility for their snacks and meals.  More time on location equals more productivity which equals higher revenue for your company.

Eliminating lost money, stuck product, and overall service issues frees your employees to focus on the things that matter to your business.

Now, if this all sounds great but you are concerned about employees walking away with product don’t be. All markets are equipped with 24 hour surveillance (noted by on site signs).  Cameras are only directed at the market as a means to protect your New York vendor’s investment and are never used to spy on employees or invade their privacy. If large amounts of product do go missing, videos are reviewed and brought to your attention. However, in markets nationwide theft has been limited; some studies say fewer than 5%. In general, employees have responded positively and employers have looked at this system as a physical way to show their employees that they are trusted and respected contributors to the company.

For more information on how to get a Micro Market in your break room, along with the products and convenience they supply contact your local  New York vendor today. You and your employees will be glad you did.

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