Find a Bit of Spice in Your New York City Snack Vending Machine

Vending machine options in New York City

With Halloween rapidly approaching, it’s time to reassess the sweet treats in your New York City vending machine and consider which sweet snacks would be better with some heat. Spicy snacks have been around for awhile, but they were usually located in the ‘not-sweet’ snack section of the break room vending machine. It’s time to […]

2018 Food Trends Impact Snacks and More in New York City

Office Break Room Options in New York City

  trend: (n.) a general direction in which something is developing or changing         – English Oxford Dictionary Each year New York City consumers experience new flavor combinations that take the culinary world by storm, and 2018 is no different. While new food trends don’t instantly appear as snacks or meals in micro-markets or […]

Lessons from Chocolate in New York City

Want to freshen up your vending and/or micro market selections? Take a lesson from the chocolate industry and C-stores. Why? Because in a recent Packaged Foods report, “Chocolate Candy in the U.S.,” published by Puro Research Group, in a time where consumers are more and more health conscious, chocolate sales are still rising in C-stores. […]