Champion Vending Brings FREE Vend to New York

Champion Vending, New York’s leading vending supplier, is now offering FREE Vending to customers. Free Vend is where an employer picks up the tab for employee snacks, beverages, even food.

Champion Vending provides Free Vend to many clients in New York City. Their clients include a number of high-prestige firms like Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Patch, and AOL.

In addition to being a big hit with employees who no longer have to pay for snacks and coffee breaks, employers can also enjoy big benefits from Free Vend. Here’s how it works.

Typically employees will leave the worksite to walk or drive to a nearby coffee shop, convenience store, or restaurant. That takes time away from the workplace. By having snacks and beverages easily available from vending machines placed in the office, employees stay on location and get back to work much faster.

Employees on night shifts can have access to snacks and food at times when finding a nearby retailer could be problematic.  Again, hours of employee time can be redirected toward productivity.

Free Vend offers a much wider range of products than what is available at outside retailers. Everything from chips, to candy, to beverages, and healthy snacks can be made available.

Having free vending machines means employees are free to sample beverages, snacks, and other food products that they may never have even seen before. This “easy access” provides further enjoyment for valued employees and often ranks as one of the most appreciated benefits of working for an employer.

Champion Vending provides modern, clean coolers, coffee station, wall racks, milk coolers and more. Because Free Vend is not concerned with collecting cash and change, the vending process is simplified and streamlined.

Champion Vending provides snack, beverages, coffee, and food along with associated supplies on a regular basis. Our strong buying power keeps snack prices low. The client is sent an invoice each month.

Make Free Vend a part of your employee and customer experience. They’ll love you for it!

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