Choose a New York City Vending Company that has Advanced Technology!

Postcards were in vending machines in London and in 1888 they made their first appearance in America on the platforms of NYC subways selling gum to travelers.

In the 21st Century you can practically get just about anything you want out of a vending machine: sodas, snacks, fresh food, deep dish pizza, medicine, makeup, magazines, toilet paper, lobsters, bikes, etc.

Since there are many advantages to having the latest advances in technology with your vending services, you need to be aware of what kind of vending company to choose that is right for your business. When offering in your break room  soda vending machines, snack vending machines or even food vending machines, having the mix of the best technology and the right customer service will provide you with exceptional vending service.

To make life more convenient for you and your employees/patrons it is important to pair yourself with the right New York City vendor who has embraced some if not all of the technologies listed below.

Wireless Technology – Wireless technology allows your New York City vendor to know exactly what has sold in the machine and how much money is in the machine. How does this benefit you? It ensures that the product delivered is based on what you like, which in turn means no outdated products. Data as accurate as  this also equates to very detailed commission reports.

Bill Recyclers – Allow you to pay in larger bill denominations ($5, $10, even $20 bills) while receiving change in the same type of currency. For example, you want a bag of M&Ms but only have a $5 bill on you. Where before you might have turned away because you didn’t want a pocket full of nickels and dimes now machines can be equipped to give you your change in paper currency.

Guaranteed Product Delivery Systems – Infrared technology ensures that if a product is not vended you receive your money back, which equals happier employees and less angry messages to you as the middleman.

Debit/Credit Card Readers – In today’s society there are a lot more payment options than ever before. In fact in many cases employees do not even carry cash. Talk to your local New York City vendor to see what options they offer in cashless vending and how these options can meet a growing need for your facility.

After discovering a variety of conveniences when choosing the right vending service, has your New York City vending company made many advances in technology? With implementing  new technologies within their day to day operations have they helped you run your business more efficiently with your time, money and overall employee morale?  If you are not satisfied with your current vending service or are looking to acquire a New York City Vending Service  for the first time call Champion Vending today for a FREE Vending consultation at 800.558.5450.

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