Del Monte Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Vending Machines in Manhattan

Champion Vending is very excited to announce that we have ventured with Del Monte Fresh Produce Company to give our customers in Manhattan the very best in healthy alternatives. We know that healthy living is very important in many people’s lives and Champion Vending is committed to offering you a convenient solution to healthier snacking. 

All Del Monte’s vending products are especially packaged to ensure freshness that includes four to six ounce single serving sizes of fresh cut Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet pineapple chunks, grapes, apple slices, bananas, baby carrots, celery and tomatoes. A few of the mixes also contain a variety of  low calorie and low fat dips. All items in this line are completely natural with no sweeteners or preservatives and have 140 calories or less.

Our new fresh fruit and vegetable vending line is sure to keep your cravings under control throughout the day in addition to providing you with healthy alternative snacks that your body needs to keep you working at full capacity. Offering customers healthier snack options is a great way to help you stay physcially fit when on the go.

At Champion Vending, we deliver excellence one vend at a time to our Tri-State customers. By promoting healthier alternatives, we are demonstrating that we care about you! It is important to give healthier vending options in all venues. We listen…we care…we deliver!

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