Enegery Star Vending Machines in New York City

Star Light, Star Bright
First Star I See Tonight
I wish I May
I wish I Might
Have a Lower Energy, Cost Saving, Eco Friendly Bill Tonight

Every wish on the first star, every penny thrown into a fountain, every wish bone broken, may have come back void but if the above poem is your heart’s desire you don’t need a fairy godmother or pixie dust to make it come true. You just need Energy Star.

Throughout New York City Energy Star beverage vending machines are either new or refurbished machines that incorporate more efficient compressors, fan motors and lighting systems than older models. These machines are just as visible and keep beverages just as cold as older models but do so with 50% more efficiency.

In addition these vending machines come with a low power mode that allows them to operate with lower energy lighting/refrigeration during times of inactivity.

Efficient compressors, fan motors, lighting systems and a low power mode all result in one thing: a dream come true for all New Yorkers. On average machines worthy of the Energy Star have saved building owners 1,700 kWh a year, which is roughly $150.

If you would like more information on the benefits of Energy Star vending machines at your New York City location visit www.energystar.gov or talk to Champion Vending about making the switch!

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