Free Vend in New York City…. Great Benefit, Big Difference!

By definition a pantry is a small room or closet where food, tableware, linens and similar items are stored. The first stop after school for a snack, vendor[1]where dinner staples are kept and where mom and dad hide their favorite treats on top shelves: pantries have been the hubs of homes for years. And now, thanks to generous (and smart) New York City employers, pantries are becoming the centers of office productivity.

Pantry service, sometimes referred to as “free vend” is when a company pays for drinks and snacks for their employees as an employment benefit.

It’s no secret that people love to snack on their favorite foods and drinks throughout the work day. And although it is very generous of New York City employers to offer a pantry full of snacks/beverages at no cost to their employees there may be a few “secret” motives behind that generosity. Here are a few:

·         In a recent survey by Inc. Magazine it was found that free food is one of the top three perks that aids in performance at work.

·        This is our coffee set up at Mercedes NYC. It's the largest Mercedes dealer in the US. The other pics were the bev,snack and IC there. Maybe a blog item. A focused employee is a productive employee. By supplying free food and beverages a company has a greater chance of keeping employees on site for lunch and coffee breaks, limiting distractions and increasing profitability.

·         Healthy employees are happier employees, and with fewer sick days are more productive employees. By supplying free healthy snacks, employers can encourage healthy eating habits (healthy choices are not always easy choices, but they are a little easier to make when free)

·         In comparison to formal benefits, a pantry service is low in cost but has a high perceived facebookmachinesvalue. New York City employees who feel appreciated are more likely to speak well of their employer, to work harder and to stay longer, reducing turnover and increasing productivity.

In short, if you’re looking to having a happier, more productive work day and employees who feel valued and appreciated consider calling Champion Vending, your local New York City vendor to begin a pantry service today. Call today at 800.558.5450!

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