Fresh Food Choices in Your New York City Break Room

With wood paneling, mason jars, local/organic product and the convenience of pushing a button, Farmer’s Fridge sounds like the perfect iStock_000010677573XSmallPinterest post. And although you may find a picture of it on social media you can use the first of its kind in person if you live in or are visiting the Chicago area.

Farmer’s Fridge is a brand new vending machine, although founder Luke Saunders prefers to refer to it as an automated kiosk that makes fresh salads readily available to people on the go.

And when he says fresh, he means fresh. Salads are made every morning at 8 a.m. with fruits, veggies, nuts and proteins layered in jars to maintain freshness and to provide an easy form for vending. All salads are delivered by 10 a.m. (salads that didn’t sell the day before are removed and donated to local shelters). The process repeats itself the next morning at 8 a.m.

fresh saladIf you like this concept and are near enough to try it in person, may we suggest visiting the automated kiosk after 6 p.m. when these salads (balanced mixtures of whole grains, veggies and lean protein) that on average sell for $6.99 are reduced by $1 to encourage as little waste as possible.

Although this a specialty machine not available in New York City, call Champion Vending today who recently partnered with Nick’s of Astoria, a well-known gourmet deli and catering company in New York City, to provide made-to-order salads, and wraps for food vending machines. Try a fresh food alternative in your break room! Call today at (800) 558-5450!

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