Frobot: Fun to Say, Fun to Use!

Jeremy O’Sullivan and Melissa Nelson are two entrepreneurs in Southern Virginia who created a new kind of vending machine called Frobot.

What Frobot is:

“Frobot is the Redbox of frozen yogurt. It’s the smallest frozen yogurt shop on the planet.” According to Nelson, Frobot is an entire 644468_10151460662374728_2145137142_nfrozen yogurt store experience inside a vending machine. Like an ATM, Frobot guides the New Yorkers through 3 easy steps:

1) Place a cup down on the serving area

2) Select your size and flavor from the touch screen.

3) Swipe your card and out comes a completely customized frozen yogurt treat in 15 seconds.


And not just any frozen yogurt treat, but simply the best, using all organic products to make your delicious treat.  


Nelson and O’Sullivan came up with this idea because they wanted to create a healthy on-the-go snack for a reasonable cost ($1-$3). They wanted to create something that hadn’t been done before and offer something unique to their customers. They are currently working on adding toppings to the Frobot, and not just typical toppings such as nuts and candy but fresh fruit, a difficult but worthy challenge in their pursuit of excellence.


If you want to offer a unique treat to your employees or add a Frobot to your store offerings call your local New York City vending operator today to learn more, with temperatures rising there could be no better time than summertime to offer a frozen , quick, healthy and convenient snack to your employees/customers.

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