Have You Checked to Make Sure Your New York Vending Company is Fully Licensed?

There are over 40,000 different licensing jurisdictions in the United States. To put that number into perspective, if there was a jurisdiction for every mile from the North Pole to the South Pole you would walk around the world twice before visiting them all.

To make matters more complicated each of these jurisdictions set their own standards as to the licensing they require from businesses; standards that can vary from county to state.  Because of these complications this blog will not discuss the specific licensing required of your New York City vending company but rather the importance of having a properly licensed vendor in New York.

That being said there are some licenses that are standard. These include:

  • Federal tax ID
  • State tax ID/resale permit
  • County license

Some of these you may be familiar with in your own place of business, which is one of the reasons you should care if your New York City vendor is licensed; it seems only fair that if you pay your taxes, so should they. However, more importantly then the profit the government makes off of businesses or the sense of what’s “fair” are the other two intertwined reasons why licensing exits:

  1. Licensing keeps businesses accountable for their actions
  2. Licensing holds businesses to health and safety codes

You want to work with a vendor in the New York City area who is accountable. Honesty is a character definition and it stands to reason that if a company is honest with the government there is a higher chance they’ll be honest with you about their service and commissions you garnish off their machines.

Furthermore, vending is food. If you walk into a restaurant or a grocery store you expect them to abide by certain sanitary codes. You want those establishments to be rodent and bug free, to use clean equipment, etc. By choosing a vendor who is properly licensed for the City of New York, you are ensuring that they are being held accountable for the way they handle your food.

Here are some things that inspectors look for:

  • Food is kept off the floor
  • There are no signs of unwanted creatures
  • Refrigerated and frozen products are properly stored

When choosing your New York Vending Service make sure they are licensed, for your health, for your safety, for your peace of mind, and maybe even your budget.

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