How do you know if your New York vendor is organized?

All over the web you can find research and opinions on the reasons why being organized can positively affect your life, home and business. These articles include everything from habits of organized people, tips on how-to be organized and the benefits thereof. They suggest that organized people: stick with what works, ask for help, foresee and avoid problems.

And as a result their businesses usually are: More productive,  better focused on goals they want to achieve and achieving them in a more economical and timely manner with less stress.

When choosing a vending company in New York you want to pick one that is operated by organized people. Because if the things listed above are true of the people running the company they’ll be true of the company itself.

An organized New York vendor will use the resources they have, schedule their routes to be as effective as possible, arrive as scheduled, provide you with fresh product, keep their machines and vehicles clean and be up to date with the latest the vending world has to offer both in product and technology.

How do you know if your New York vendor is organized?

Ask to see their warehouse. It may take an hour of your day but it could save you the hours of frustration that come with pairing yourself to the wrong company.

During your visit here are some key things to look for:

Is food elevated off the ground? All food should be on shelves or pallets, never directly on the warehouse floor.

Do food and beverages have designated sections? Within those sections are products organized (chips with chips, all 12oz sodas with 12oz sodas and organized by bottler, etc.)?

A good way to test the organization process is to see if the vendor can quickly and efficiently find a particular product. Not sure what to ask for? Ask for your favorite snack.

If items aren’t organized the way you imagined but the product was still easily found ask why they chose their particular form of organization. Each company has their own system and although it may make sense to you for it to look one way they may have a very practical although less obvious reason for running things the way they do. If they don’t have an answer then be concerned.

Look for white boards, calendars, anything that would suggest a system of communication between office staff and field employees. You want to make sure there is a system in place to actively respond to your needs. Drivers won’t respond to empty calls and mechanics won’t fix broken machines if they don’t know there is an issue.

Is there an area for the drivers and team meetings? A vending company is only as good as the drivers they employee. Ask about their training process (both during initial hires and on the job). A team meeting area would suggest continued training in service and safety. This area should also have an area to sync route handhelds which is a good place to ask about the route organization software that your vendor uses.

Look for the presence of unwanted creatures (rats, roaches, etc.) Ask what measures they take to keep rodents and bugs out of their facility.

Are personal pets on the property? Although pets can improve workplace environment it is important that they never compromise the sanitation of your vendor’s warehouse.

When you pair yourself with an organized New York vendor you pair yourself with a company who values your health, time and money. By having their “home” in order they are able to address your needs quickly because they have already taken care of their own.

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