How Restaurant Trends May Affect Your Break Room in New York City

Technomics is a company that provides comprehensive global information, analysis and insights to food industry executives through high zico-coconut-waterquality fact-based consulting, market research, online databases, tracking services and industry event. What they’ve determined recently is that innovative beverage options are increasingly driving restaurant visits for consumers throughout New York City between the ages of 18-44.
More specifically in an update of their Beverage Consumer Trend Report, their findings included that:
• More than two-fifths of consumers call for healthier beverages at restaurants
• At least two-fifths of consumers strongly agree that full service and fat food concepts should offer greater beverage variety
• Fast food concepts dominate with 89% of consumers purchasing their food and/or beverage in the last month at a fast food restaurant, more than any other concept
Girl holding water bottle• Convenience and speed are strong beverage traffic drivers: 44% of consumers say they are more likely to visit concepts with than without a drive-thru for beverage-only occasions.
You may wonder what any of this has to do with your office’s snack and beverage program but although the correlation might not be obvious it is strong.
The consumers in this and similar studies are very representative of your employees in New York City, so if consumersVendWrap_mockup_opt3_L1 are looking for healthy varieties and convenience in their beverage choices while out to eat it can be presumed that these same consumers want healthy options and convenience while choosing beverages in the work place.
Rarely do consumer trends in the food and beverage industry line up with human resources’ initiatives. Give your employees and executives exactly what they’re asking for and make the entire office happy.
Not exactly sure where to begin? Call your New York City leading vending operator, Champion Vending today at (800) 558-5450 to discuss healthy varieties for your food and beverage service. And while you’re on the phone ask about convenient purchasing methods (i.e. credit cards) for your vending machines. The consumers have spoken, they want healthy, they want it fast and plastic is faster and more convenient (to most) than paper.

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