How to promote a positive environment…with healthy snacks!

If you want to drive productivity, profitability and increase client loyalty, Quantum Workplace (a company that specializes in employee Businesswoman in cubicle using laptop and eating saladengagement) suggests that you need to make work more effective and enjoyable to your most valuable resource – your people.
In a recent report, Quantum Workplace studied the impact that workplace benefits affected employee engagement, a term that is defined as “ the emotional connection an employee feels towards his/her employment organization, which tends to influence his/her behaviors and level of effort in work related activities.”
According to Quantum Workplace employee engagement can be best defined/measured by 3 Ps:
• Preach – degree to which employees speak highly of their workplace
• Plan – employees’ interest in remaining at the organization
• Pursue – employees’ drive to put forth extra effort
Where employees test within these three categories determines what kind of engagement level they have:
1. Engaged – highly favorable, preach love for organization, pursue extra effort
2. Contributing – moderately favorable, hold back, opportunity for increased performance
3. Disengaged – indifferent, lack motivation, at-risk retention
4. Hostile – negative, lack commitment, impact other’s productivity
And 10 different factors can contribute to employee engagement:

1. Teamwork
2. Manager Effectiveness
3. Trust in Senior Leaders
4. Trust with Coworkers
5. Retention
6. Alignment of Goals
7. Feeling Valued
8. Individual Contribution
9. Job Satisfaction
10. Benefits

fresh saladIn regards to benefits, Henry Albrecht, CEO of Limeade, the company who funded the research done by Quantum Workplace, believes that “understanding what motivates [employees] is the key to improving workplace excellence. This study exposes the need for employees to reevaluate and clearly communicate how and why they offer the benefits they do. And according to the numbers he may be right because employees who clearly understood their health and wellness benefits were 11% more engaged (those who were confused about the benefits offered were 3.4% more likely to be hostile).
Furthermore when employees felt that their employer cared about their health and well-being they were:
• 38% more engaged
• 10x less likely to be hostile
• 17% more likely to still be working at the company after a year
• 28% more likely to recommend their workplace
• 18% more likely to go the extra mile
The study focused on 6 different types of health benefits: financial, stress management/emotional, nutritional, physical fitness, physical health, work-life balance, we’ll look at just one: NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS.
Here’s what they discovered:
• 47.3% of employees would like information on making healthy food choices
• 44.6% would like an onsite nutritionist
• 35.6% would take advantage of support groups
74% of employees want healthy cafeteria or vending machine options at their workplace
o Less than half of employers offer this (45.6%)
Are you part of the 54.4%% that is missing out on a benefit that could improve the engagement score of 75% of your staff?
If you are, change sides and join the other 45.6% who understand that healthier employees are more productive employees, with fewer sick days and lower healthcare costs. Implement healthy snacks and beverages into your vending program today. And if you can, go one step further and consider offering these healthy snacks and beverages at no charge to your employees.
Why free?
• Free snacks, beverages and coffee provided by the workplace is one of the cheapest employee benefits but has one of the highest perceived Sandwichvalues
• In today’s competitive market, benefits like free snacks/beverages are helping sway employment decisions
• If you provide snacks for free you have better control over what your employees are eating, helping them maintain a healthier lifestyle and ultimately increasing your bottom line
• Free snacks, beverages and coffee on site can reduce the amount of breaks employees take off site, also increasing productivity.
For more information on offering healthy snacks to your employees either through vending or pantry service call your premier New York City vendor, Champion Vending at (800) 558-5450 today! And for more information on the other 5 health benefits that can improve employee engagement visit for their full report.

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