Is Your New York City Vending Service Fully Insured?

Riddle: What do your car, house and vendor have in common?

Answer: They should all be insured.

Having New York vending service can be a great convenience to you and your employees when things go right; the vending machines are well stocked and working correctly. But what happens when things don’t go right: a vending machine shuts down and leaks on your linoleum, the install crew applies a little too much force and now there is a hole in your door or the person who restocks your machines gets injured after slipping on someone’s spilled drink in the break room?

Although these things happen rarely, they can happen. Vending Machines break and people make mistakes and that’s why it’s important to make sure you choose a New York vendor who is prepared for the day when things don’t go as planned.

New York drivers  ideally keep a certificate of insurance in the car. Very rarely do you need to touch that certificate unless you are moving it out of the way to grab a phone charger or a favorite CD but in the off chance that you do need it, it’s there.

To some extent you put trust in all other drivers that they have done the same, so that if your paths ever collide, as you are reaching into your glove box they are too. If you’ve ever found yourself in the situation where you are the only one reaching, you know the sinking feeling of the entire responsibility landing on your shoulders and all the money leaving your bank account.

Unfortunately you can’t control who you meet on the road but you can control who you allow in your building. Your company is properly insured and therefore you should not expect less of your New  York vendor.

In the rare chance that something does go wrong, make sure you have selected a vendor in the New York City area who will be reaching for their piece of paper, who takes responsibility for their accidents.

Your New York City vendor should have:

  • Workman’s Comp
  • Auto Insurance
  • Building Insurance (This type of insurance should include a “business package” that covers your vendor’s facility as well as an umbrella coverage for damage done where machines are placed. In many cases your vendor should be able to supply you with a copy of this certificate specifying that you are included under the umbrella).

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