Is Your Vending Service in New York City Promoting Green Initiatives?

September 22nd marked the first day of Fall, making it time for pumpkin spice lattes, bulky sweaters, soup for dinner and shorter days. However, as the leaves change colors and the northern hemisphere slowly prepares for hibernation, at least one thing is getting greener by the minute…the vending industry in New York City.

In 1972 a famous frog first sang “it isn’t easy being green.” Without getting too philosophical it’s a song about finding your place in the world and being happy with who you are.

While the modern world evolves, the vending world continues to evolve with it, constantly changing and improving who it is. Today’s successful New York City vendor not only delivers quality product with above average service but they do so while being thoughtful of the environment around them.

As your company works on it’s own green initiatives it helps to pair yourself with a New York Vending Service who has similar goals to your own (a.k.a a greener vendor equals a stronger green program within your own industry). Here are some basic ways your vendor could/should go green:

Recycle plastic 6-pack soda rings – taking extra care to cut the rings prior to tossing them into the recycling bin…preventing potential choking hazards to animals

Recycle cardboard  – having a baler on site not only reduces waste but is also an extra means of income as most baler companies give a percentage of the money earned from the cardboard back to the vendor. Ask what your New York City vending company does with the extra money; do they put it back into employee benefits, donate it to charity? If they answer yes to any of the above questions you know you’ve found yourself a keeper.

Use Energy Star Machines  – these machines according to Energy Star “incorporate more efficient compressors, fan motors and lighting systems to keep beverages just as cold and the vending machine visible while using less energy.” For more information visit

Use Up-to-Date Routing Technology – organized routes minimize unnecessary driving time and gas

Donate Short Dated Food – if food isn’t going to sale (something that can be determined prior to expiration) rather than throwing it in the garbage your local New York City vending company can donate it to local food banks

These are just a few ideas of ways your  New York City vending service could go green, not even touching on office supplies and utilities at their facility. With so many options there is no excuse not to go green. It may not have been easy in 1972 but in 2012 being green is status quo.

At the end of Kermit’s song he sings these words “[being green] is beautiful! And I think that’s what I want to be!”

Your New York City vendor too should think green is a beautiful thing and know that it’s what they want to be.

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