It’s Time to Give a Tweet About Social Media Throughout New York City

Since when can Twitter and Facebook get you free products from vending machines in New York City? Since FanWise, LLC rolled out its Realistic mobile phone with blank screen isolated on white backgFanWise™ technology at NAMA’s OneShow.

FanWise essentially turns any vending or game machine into a “smart vending machine,” allowing users to pay for products or plays simply by posting a “tweet” or Facebook status update.

Since when do social media posts have any monetary value? Well, they don’t really, but for the companies behind the products and brands found in vending machines, tapping into the momentum that social media can provide offers a lot of marketing value. That’s why they would be willing to provide the “cash” for this cashless vending opportunity. For these companies, offering free products to consumers willing to post promotional messages about their products is more than fair trade for the free advertising to the Facebook or Twitter universe.

social_facebookCan you simply post anything about a brand and receive free goods, services or credits? Not exactly. The brands ponying up their own products for free are sponsoring pre-loaded or approved social media messages. So you as the consumer in New York City must post the message that the brand wants to promote in order to get credit. The value to them is to tap into your own personal network of friends to promote a unique message, which, in turn, your contacts will possibly promote. That may seem like you’re using your friends for personal gain, but all the while they’ll be earning credits and free items as well. In the end, they’ll likely thank you for getting them involved too.

Expect to see FanWise rolling out over the year in 16 of the largest media markets in the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Phoenix, Seattle, Tampa, Minneapolis and Washington D.C.

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