More Healthy Snack and Beverage Options Are Now Available in Your New York City Vending Machine

Common negative stigmas are associated with vending machines in New York City. Can’t think of any? We’re sure you can but just iniStock_000015093945XSmall case you can’t here are a few:

  • They steal your money or don’t take your money
  • Product gets stuck
  • They only offer junk food

To combat these negative images the vending industry has:

  1. Embraced cashless technology
  2. Installed SureVend technology – using infrared to detect whether or not a product has vended, ensuring your employees either get their product or their money back
  3. Added healthy beverages and snack options to our product lines

Perhaps the greatest advances have been in regards to point #3. listed 10 healthy vending machine snacks that were low fat or fat free including: baked chips, peanuts, pretzels, popcorn, Nature Valley granola bars and even some cookies.


Although the acknowledgement that it’s possible to find healthy snacks in vending machines is throughout New York City appreciated, this list fails to do justice to the vast variety of healthy alternative options available in vending today.

If we were to make our own list it would include some of the following products:

  •    Gluten free itemsmontage
  •    Organic items
  •   Vegan items
  •   Beef jerky
  •   Be Kind bars
  •   Go Picnics
  •    Trail mixes
  •    PopChips
  •     Coconut water
  •    Sparkling water
  •    Fresh fruit

This list could continue for quite a bit longer but to save your scroll finger let’s just say this: healthy and vending are no longer antonyms but synonyms. Vending machines have progressed with the times and so have the products they offer.

For more information on healthy snack and beverage options available to the vending industry contact Champion Vending today at 800-558-5450 for a FREE no-obligation consultation.

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