New York Time Features Champion Vending

It’s not every day that an Editor from the New York Times contacts you to be featured in a focus piece on how your business is revolutionizing the industry by staying on the forefront of cutting-edge technology. When William Mandile, Owner of Champion Vending, was asked to go on camera to discuss how his company, Champion Vending is revolutionizing the vending service marketplace with efficient and precise wireless technologies, he was more than happy to allow a film crew access to observe the company’s day to day operations.

Gone are the days of old and scarcely stocked coin-operated vending machines, once offering only limited selections of sodas and candies. With sleek and modern digital display cases, consumers now have a veritable array of premium vending products to choose from. Using the smart technologies of handheld wireless devices, Champion Vending’s route drivers and order fulfillment team are able to accurately predict when vending items are soon to be in need of replenishment and which products outsell others in certain locations by utilizing real-time inventory and sales data for a seamless customer service process that caters to the specific needs to their clients.

To view the New York Times Business Profile and see why Champion Vending is the leader in the field of vending technology, click here!


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