Outdated Pastry in New York City

A recent study by the University of North Carolina researched the buying trends of ready-to-eat-grain-based-desserts (RTE GBDs), prepackagedhostess-chocolate-cupcake consumer goods more commonly referred to as cookies, cupcakes, pies, doughnuts and pastries.
According to UNC, these prepackaged pastries contribute substantial amount of sugar, energy and saturated fats to American diets and because of this they wanted to see two things:
1. If changes had been made to the nutritional contents of RTE GBDs from 2005-2012
2. In this same time frame, have consumers purchased fewer RTE GBDs or shifted towards products with lower energy, sugar and saturated fat.
The results, published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, showed:
1. There has been little change in the nutritional content of RTE GBDs manufactured or purchased from 2005-2012.
2. With little change in nutritional content, there has been a 24% decline in consumer purchases.
The results of this study, according to Dr. Kevin C. Mathias, lead author of the study, “indicated that larger wide scale efforts are needed among public health officials and all manufacturers of RTE GBDs to shift consumer purchases towards products with lower energy, sugar and saturated fat content.”
fiber_one_barIf you’re wondering in New York City why popular prepackaged brands haven’t changed their recipes to meet growing demand, you aren’t alone, but the most popular guess is that recipe changes make it difficult for manufacturers to replicate the same taste, texture and appearance of these common household names.
But don’t worry; if you have a sweet tooth and are health conscience in New York City, hope is not lost. Although these popular brands aren’t changing their recipes, many other companies are coming out with delicious alternatives that are focusing their recipes around big buzz words like gluten-free, organic and all natural.
If you’re looking for a sweet dessert alternative for your New York City break room that keeps both your health and your taste buds in mind, consider calling your local New York City vendor, Champion Vending at (800) 558-5450  to see what healthy alternative pastries, cookies, chips or even candy they have available.

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