Quality Vending Service in New York

“You get what you pay for” is a commonly held notion throughout New York and beyond. A notion that’s subscribed to when justifying that expensive hand bag, when purchasing a car or even choosing to dine out at one of New York’s most fancy restaurants over choosing a  fast food joint. It’s assumed that if costs more then its quality is at a higher level.

If  that notion is true then why do we think differently with our vending service, often selecting a vending machine operator solely on the lowest price? You may be thinking, “It’s obvious why. Because a Snicker’s Bar is a Snicker’s Bar; if the products they offer are the same then why not choose based on price?”

This reasoning, although natural is also very faulty. When choosing a New York vendor to best meet the needs of your facility, it is the things not as obvious as a price tag that matter most.

Dependable vendors in the New York City area hold themselves to delivery schedules, have multiple routes, a warehouse to store product and product options to cater to your specific needs. They respond quickly to service calls and supply their customers with modern equipment. They have insurance to set everyone’s mind at ease.

Dependable vendors in New York City know the truth behind the saying; you do get what you pay for. Well compensated employees, insured vehicles and machines, technology to keep track of accounts so that no one slips thru the cracks; all of these things add to day to day costs but they all equate to better service.

So, the next time you shop for a vendor in the New York City area, look at the price but then look beyond the dollar sign. It is good to be curious and ask why the prices are what they are. Below are some common questions that might make you think before “saving” that 5 cents.

  • How many routes do you operate?
  • Do you have a central warehouse?
  • Are your machines insured?
  • Do you carry workman’s comp?
  • Do you have a full time mechanic?
  • How do you keep track of product?
  • Can I choose my vending selections?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • What route management technology do you use?

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