The Best Decision You Ever Made That Didn’t Cost You a Thing in New York City

For years vending machines have been loved by New York City break rooms everywhere. They offer convenience, provide delicious/healthy snacks and allow a snack/meal break when restaurants and stores may be closed or too far away to access during an allotted break time. However, in these same years, vending machines have been loved to be […]

How to promote a positive environment…with healthy snacks!

If you want to drive productivity, profitability and increase client loyalty, Quantum Workplace (a company that specializes in employee engagement) suggests that you need to make work more effective and enjoyable to your most valuable resource – your people. In a recent report, Quantum Workplace studied the impact that workplace benefits affected employee engagement, a […]

Racing to Victory Lane

In the 2014 Nascar season Kevin Harvick claimed the Sprint Cup Series Championship, Chevrolet won the manufacturer’s championship and Kyle Larson was named Rookie of the Year but none of these people/companies are why over 2,000 fans lined up at Victory Lane. Instead, it was a vending machine, a social vending machine dispensing free prizes, […]

Pumpkin Spice: Why a Fall Flavor is Becoming an Obsession in New York City

In 2013 pumpkin spice sold over $308 million worth of “fall” flavored beverages and treats. That’s 14% more than the year prior. And when you take into consideration that this flavor profile is most typically only offered September-December it’s no surprise that in a recent report from Vending Market Watch that 34% of survey respondents […]