Del Monte Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Vending Machines in Manhattan

Champion Vending is very excited to announce that we have ventured with Del Monte Fresh Produce Company to give our customers in Manhattan the very best in healthy alternatives. We know that healthy living is very important in many people’s lives and Champion Vending is committed to offering you a convenient solution to healthier snacking.  All […]

New York’s Healthier Vending Options

Many consumers are looking for healthier alternatives when eating. Even in the work place many companies promote healthier lifestyles to their employees by health management assessments, discounts to health facilities and even healthier selections in their break room vending machines. In New York, Champion Vending is the leader in providing healthy alternative product selections in […]

About Champion Vending

Champion Vending is a Brooklyn-based family business that has grown in 22 years to become one of the largest providers of full-service vending in the metro area. Our unparalleled relationships with bottlers and manufacturers mean that we can package special deals at better prices and offer higher commissions to our valued customers. But our real […]