Tis the Season in New York City for…LED and Everything Green!

With Christmas around the corner LED lights are everywhere from store shelves, to Christmas trees, lining the homes on your block and lighting100 percent recycling concept your New York City vending provider’s vending machines. The good news is that when stores are putting Christmas décor on clearance for Valentine’s Day, when your tree is thrown on the curb and when the neighbor’s lights are still hung but no longer lit, the vending machines will still be “Green” and eco-friendly, not just for the holiday season but all year round.

With technological advances and recycling programs your New York City vending provider is greener now than ever before. Take a more in depth look at how these advances are improving our industry and subsequently yours:

iStock_000012955048XSmall               Wireless Technology – These two words are the center of everything green in the vending world. With it your New York City vending service is able to know without visiting your location what you need and when you need it. What does that mean? It means less unnecessary trips (less fuel), fully stocked machines and pre-kitting (a beautiful thing that allows your vendor to carry only necessary supplies on trucks, resulting in, you guessed it…..less fuel).

Vending Misers – Vending misers are sensors that sit on top of vending machines, allowing machines to run on lower levels of energy: dimming light when no one is present to make a selection and lighting up when sensing motion.

Energy Star – Energy Star machines use better compressors, fan motors and lighting methods to keep beverage machines just as cold and just EnergyStarLogoas visible as standard machines but while using 50% less energy.

Recycling Programs – With truck loads of beverages, snacks and fresh food delivered to your New York City vending service on a weekly basis there is a lot of opportunity for waste. However, with cardboard balers there is a lot of opportunity to go green. Your local vendor has chosen the later. In addition to recycling cardboard, office paper and plastics are also recycled, paper clips are used whenever possible in place of staples and recycled ink cartridges run the printers. Although you may not have enough cardboard in your office to warrant a baler we do recommend any of these other small ways to make a big difference in the Green initiatives you take at your office.

With our stars and LED lights we’re ready for the holidays and for a great 2014, saving energy and continuing to stay on top of the latest technological trends in effort to improve our carbon footprint and the services that we supply. Call Champion Vending today at 800-558-5450 for a FREE consultation on your break room needs!

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