What is Better For You than Water in New York City?

With most of the country blanketed in snow there’s a good chance you’re reading this somewhere cold and dreaming of warmer weather. With ice on the roads those visions of beaches, mai tais and palm trees dancing thru your head may seem like a far off paradise but just because it’s cold outside it doesn’t mean you have to give up all the treasures of tropical island life.

There’s a new miracle on 34th street and it’s not in a department store but in the corner convenience store in New York City. It’s been featured on Dr. Oz and in popular magazines such as Real Simple and The New York Post. It’s a “new” beverage that hydrates the body even better than water; it’s coconut water.

Available in tetra cartons and re-sealable on the go bottles coconut water is making impressive strides in beverage sales and household penetration. And now, as Coca Cola takes full ownership of Zico (one of the three original brands of coconut water in the market [the other two are VitaCoco and O.N.E]), sales are almost guaranteed to increase even more rapidly.

So why the craze?

low-calorie-coconut-waterAccording to naturalhealth101.net coconut water boasts these characteristics:

  • High in dietary fiber, enzymes, vitamin C, minerals, amino acids and potassium
  • Low in calories, chlorides and cholesterol
  •   Boosts immune system, fights the symptoms of the common cold and helps cardio vascular health
  •     1 cup provides 10% of daily magnesium values and 6% of daily calcium

With so many natural benefits (did we mention that the contents of natural coconut water are identical to that in human plasma, making it a type of universal donor) it’s no wonder that coconut water is flying off the BevMaxCokeshelves.

Make this miracle beverage easily accessible to you and your employees by asking your New York City vending service provider to place it in your office’s vending machines. Your employees, your wellness committee and your immune system will be grateful you did. Call Champion Vending today at (800) 558-5450!

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