What’s Trending In Your New York City Break Room?

This January, the Winter Fancy Food Show, the West Coast’s largest trade show devoted exclusively to specialty foods, met at the Moscone Healthy Graphics_KeypadCenter in San Francisco. Here over 80,000 examples of the latest specialty foods (from chocolate to cheese to charcuterie) from all over the US and 30 other countries were on display. And from these 80,000+ examples 5 categories prevailed as 2015’s Top Food Trends:
Cheese Twists – new flavors, usages and types put a modern twist on this classic
• Yancey’s Fancy – Grilled Bacon Cheeseburger Artisan Cheese
• Sonoma Creamery – Mr. Cheese O’s
• Silva Regal Spanish Food – Manchego-Style Cheese Flavored Olive Oil
• Angie’s Boomchickapop – Caramel & Cheddar Mix
Breakfast Served All Day – from sweet to savory to condiments there was no shortage of breakfast inspired flavors
• Chuao Chocolatier – Strawberry Waffle Wild Milk Chocolate
• Uncle Andy’s Jerky – Bandito Loco Spicy Coffee Beef Jerky
• The Republic of Tea – Cinnamon Toast HiCaf Tea
• Dang Foods – Savory Bacon Coconut Chips
Time for Turmeric – this ancient, flavorful spice with numerous health benefits is far from outdated
• Rishi Tea – Turmeric Ginger Tea
• HealthVerve – Turmeric Rice
• Bruce Cost Ginger Ale – Passion Fruit Ginger Ale with Turmerica
• Navitas Naturals – Turmeric Tamari Almonds
71qRI-NedUL._SX425_Cruciferous Crusade – looks like Kales paved the way for other crispy nutrient jammed veggies
• Creative Snacks – Broccoli Chips
• Alive & Radiant – Arugula Cabbage Veggie Krunch
• Wonderfully Raw Gourmet – Tarmarind Almond Crunch Brussel Bytes
• Genuine Grub – Spicy Pickled Cabbage
Vanilla Bean-anza – if you think you know vanilla, think again
• Heber Valley Artisan Cheese – Vanilla Bean Cheddar Cheese
• Choctal – Single Origin Vanilla Ice Creams
• Dancing Deer Baking Co. – Pure Vanilla Bean Shortbread
• Milkboy Swiss Chocolate – White Chocolate with Bourbon Vanilla
• Drink Daily Greens – Enlighten Hemp Milk with Blue-Green Algae and Vanilla
According to Denise Durcell, Editor of Specialty Food Media, “consumers are craving food with taste appeal, a sense of adventure, and a decided healthy glow. [The] new items at the show [played] right into that appetite.” And so did some old friends from last year’s show including: gluten free items, ancient grains, coconut, sriracha and kale.
Other items trending in 2015 (even if they aren’t the top 5):
• Kombucha
• Peanut Butter in grown-up flavors
• Chickpea & Seaweed snacks
If you are interested in learning more about this year’s trending foods visit https://www.specialtyfood.com/news/article/trendspotter-panel-reveals-top-5-trends-winter-fancy-food-show/ Or if you would like to see some of these trends in your break room contact your premier New York City vendor, Champion Vending at  (800) 558-5450 to discuss how they can work these flavor profiles into your free vend or vending services.

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